Naturalness is the key to getting good photos.
Take note: learn the best tricks to take precious photos of your little one.

W e all have a mobile reel full of photos of our little one, we don’t want to miss anything! Seeing them grow and having images of this adventure to remember the great moments lived together is something that all families share. But sometimes, it is not easy, because they move, they get overwhelmed …

To help us improve our photos of children , Today we have a wonderful photographer who gives us the keys to achieve the most beautiful photos.

Children are fresh, pure, spontaneous ... It doesn't matter if they laugh or cry, the photos will always be ideal.
An all-terrain photographer, with a unique sensitivity

Patricia Semir has been part of Saro for many years: she is responsible for the beautiful photos in our catalog. Stylist and decorator by profession, photography was a hobby for her until it became her current profession.

Photography is a fascinating challenge for Patricia, allowing her to innovate and grow creatively with each project. He has made editorials for leading brands in fashion, jewelry, wedding reports … And he greatly enjoys when it comes to working with children.

Most importantly, don’t get overwhelmed!

Photographing children is something that sometimes stresses people a lot, but it shouldn’t have to be that way.
Children are fresh, they are pure, they do not know how to pose, they are spontaneous and you have to take advantage of all those virtues they have to immortalize each moment.
It does not matter if they laugh or cry: the photos will always be ideal.

Before getting to the essential tips to take a good photo of the little ones, we must take into account what we must avoid.

What we should NOT do when we are photographing a child.

Something we often do is ask him to pose and look at the camera. That is the worst thing we can do. With this, we eliminate their spontaneity, we force them into a strange situation in which they do not feel so comfortable and free. That is why it is important to generate situations that naturally capture your attention, as we will see later.

tips for photographing children with Patricia Semir
tips for photographing children with Patricia Semir
tips for photographing children with Patricia Semir

1. Learn to look

A fundamental first step to take a good photo of our little one: observe him and take advantage of what he is doing. As we said above, do not force any pose on the child, but take advantage of his spontaneity.

2. Prepare the material and the scene

Have your camera or mobile ready and while the little one is playing, find out what is the best angle for the photo, if we want a horizontal or vertical frame, a close-up or include part of the space, the background and everything that enters the scene … When we have that located, we will try to get the child to look at us.

3. Arouse their interest

Avoid directly asking him to look at the camera and instead try to get his attention with things he likes: we can sing, tell a story … Use some resource that naturally leads you to look up to see us; We will shoot the photo right then and we will take advantage of the moment to take some more snapshots of it.

Niños jugando en el campo

Outdoor photos

  • If we are outdoors, the best way to take a picture of it is to encourage it to play: run, jump, pick plants …
  • Inviting him to do things that make him have fun and entertain himself is essential so that in the meantime, you can take a very natural photo.

A moment for each photo

The little ones seem fireproof, but when they have been playing a lot for a long time, there is a moment when they stop and rest. That is the ideal time to ask them questions, make them laugh and take the opportunity to have not only moving photos, but also static and relaxed photos.

The infallible trick

In short, it is a matter of the child not posing as such, but of ensuring that his photos are the result of natural moments, even if we cheat a little and direct him with great subtlety to where we want, through games and laughs

Its naturalness is the best tactic to make the photos spectacular.

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