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Hammock – Bouncity Bounce


SKU: 12535

When the new member of the family needs a comfortable place to relax or entertain, the Bouncity Bounce ™ Ity by Ingenuity ™ Deluxe Hammock is the perfect replacement for Mom or Dad’s arms. It will allow you to have your hands free to carry out other tasks, without losing sight of the baby.

Its removable padded headrest ensures maximum comfort for even the smallest babies. Evolutionary! As he grows and begins to move his legs, the baby will rock with his own movements.

The removable activity bow and its 2 toys will entertain your baby, and the vibration will calm him down. Its easy-to-clean fabric and current design make this model perfectly fit into your home and your day-to-day life.

And of course, your little one will be safe thanks to the 3-point harness and non-slip feet.

An ideal complement to help you take care of your little one without losing sight of him.


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