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Rocker – Boutique Teddy


SKU: 10986

A modern and functional design, with a 3-position reclining backrest so that your baby is always comfortable. The seat swings and becomes a stationary seat. It has a relaxing vibration, 3 sounds of nature and 8 melodies.

The activity arch is removable so you can turn it into a useful rocking chair when your baby grows. Its soft, high-quality fabrics are extra soft, its extra soft cushion and headrest allow maximum comfort for the smallest babies, and can be removed as they grow. The safety harness also features soft, velvety fabrics to protect your little one’s sensitive skin.

Innovative folding system that allows you to leave this rocker completely flat when you do not need it, so that it is very easy to store or transport it. You will love how it looks in your home and your little one will love to dive into the soft hugs of this pushchair.



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