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Swing – Fanciful Forest


SKU: 10845

We are constantly moving from here to there, and to accompany you everywhere this portable swing is perfect.

Its compact structure makes it very easy to transport without sacrificing any function. An exclusive Ingenuity design to make life easier for parents. Your baby can rest comfortably while enjoying its automatic rocking, listening to its relaxing melodies and reaching for the stuffed animals that hang above its head, and you will have your hands free to carry out other tasks without losing sight of it.

With 5-point harness and anti-slip system for total safety. Swaying increases as your baby grows thanks to the built-in smart weight sensing technology. The seat cushion is soft and cuddly, it can be removed for easy machine washing, and the included extra headrest can be removed when baby no longer needs it.

Thanks to this swing, your baby can enjoy his favorite place of fun anywhere: both at home and outside.

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