A piece of history

About Us

With the philosophy of helping parents in the care of their children by providing practical and real solutions.
When work stops being just a job

Saro was founded in 1976 with the philosophy of helping parents in the care of their children by providing practical and real solutions, as well as accompanying babies in their first and decisive years of life, stimulating them and guaranteeing them the serenity they need.

Since then, all of us who work at Saro continue to maintain that objective in our day to day. From our offices in Madrid the areas of R&D, design, quality control, production, distribution, logistics and administration are managed.

We have specialists who study the needs of babies, to develop the products that best adapt to each of their stages, promoting their motor, mental and affective growth.

We do all this for you and your baby

In addition, we also have another important factor: our own experience. We are a team made up mainly of women, almost all of whom are also mothers.

We are committed to quality, so all our products pass strict security controls before being put on the market. These controls are carried out both internally and in recognized prestigious approved laboratories, which certify the quality of our articles.

Because you have embarked on a beautiful adventure that you have to enjoy, and we only want to help you so that your only concern is to enjoy it. Because your baby deserves the best. You deserve to feel safe and secure. You deserve to discover this new world that surrounds you, and to stimulate your senses and their development while having fun, playing and enjoying yourself.

  • We understand you

    Nothing can be left to chance. Babies are an earthquake: they grab things, suck on them, bite on them, play with them, throw them… we know! That is why when we work on a new product we think about the use it is going to have and how it is going to be used in small but demanding hands, and we make sure that all safety requirements are met so that you can rest easy enjoying that product. precious moment.

  • We share values

    Saro was born as a small family business and, after 40 years of experience, we have acquired the experience and baggage of the years, without neglecting the spirit with which we started. We are by your side supporting you and remembering that motherhood is a beautiful path but not always easy, in which sometimes you have to juggle to adjust the budget. We want you not to have to compromise on quality or design. We want to be your trusted brand.