If you show affection when educating, you already have half the work done.
Expert in advising families, bluntly and with a lot of love.

Before nothing, I stand :

I am Sara, an expert in parenting, music therapy and story therapy, a mother of four children and a privileged person for dedicating myself to what I am passionate about, which is helping other families through my knowledge and humor.

I am the founder of KIMUDI, a very special space in Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid), where we carry out different activities such as family games, parenting groups, private counseling on education and parenting and workshops for parents.

Much more than a project: a way of understanding parenting.
Patience, perseverance, example and love

These four words are very special to me, since they form the slogan that accompanies my KIMUDI project, since it started in 2019. But also, the more I think about it, the more it resembles Saro’s work.

At Saro there is patience and care in the creation of their products, constant updating, rigor and a great desire to help and accompany families with their products and ideas.

In Saro there is perseverance and effort, nothing is left to chance. The quality of what they offer is not only in their final product, but you find it in the research, design, commissioning, quality checks and presentation of each product.

In Saro there is an example of teamwork, field work, of attending and listening to the needs of those of us who have little ones and need comfortable products that help us in this madness that is raising.

In Saro there is a lot of love in his product, his designs, his image, his way of treating his clients and his audience, and when you put love in what you do, it is very difficult for it not to turn out well.

In short, Saro teaches us, through his work in the world of childcare, that things with passion and care are what really work. I cannot think of a house in which there has not been a Saro product for more than forty years, although we did not realize it at the time.

Special places
KIMUDI, a parenting space to learn as a family.
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What a privilege to inaugurate your blog, to be able to be part of this project by sharing information and enjoying the best in the world, which are children.

On relevant topics as relevant to your children as dreams, tantrums, or a new baby brother.
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A different way of learning: in a tribe or in private and at the time that best suits you.
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The best gift is your time: materials to stimulate the little ones.
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